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The Foozie's 12-Day Name Game

12 Days of Christmas, with a twist!

From Dec 1 to Dec 12 2023, score yourself a FREE pair of Foozies just with your name.

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What is the 12-Day Name Game (12DNG)?

The Foozie's 12-Day Name Game is a festive celebration where we randomly select names (2 per day), and anyone with their name drawn or variations of these names will receive a FREE pair of Foozies! Get ready for 12 days of holiday joy and warm feet.

How do I enter the 12-Day Name Game?

No entry required! If your name or a variation of it is drawn, you're automatically eligible. Keep an eye out for daily announcements each morning at 7am EST on our website, social media channels and through our jolly email newsletter. To ensure you don't miss a single update, sign up to our newsletter here.

How will I find out if my name is drawn?

Each morning at 7am EST, we'll reveal the daily names on our website and through our social channels. You can also sign up to our newsletter here to get notified in your inbox.

How do I claim my free Foozies?

If your name is called, click the link in our email or Instagram bio, or go to this page on our website. Make sure to fill out the sign-up form on the same day with your full name, email, phone number, date of birth, and shipping address. You'll then receive an email the next day 3pm EST with a gift card code for 1 free pair of Foozies, valid for 24 hours.

How long is the gift card code valid?

Your festive gift card is redeemable for 24 hours from 3pm EST. Don't let it melt away—use it to snag your free pair of Foozies!

How do I redeem my gift card?

You'll recieve an email from us with your gift card code inside. Simply head to our website, choose your favourite Foozies, and go to the checkout. You can enter your discount code at the checkout, and your Foozies will be reduced to $0 (1 pair). It's as easy as leaving out cookies for Santa!

Is my name eligible for the free Foozies?

Our holiday magic looks for exact drawn names and variations. Ensure your name in the form matches the spirit—no Grinch-like characters or spelling errors, please!

Can I choose any Foozies?

Absolutely! All Foozie designs are eligible for your free pair (including The Foozie Christmas!).

My name was called, but I forgot to sign up?

You must sign up within 24 hours of your name being announced on the website. Any entries after this time will not be eligible.

I have a similar name, but didn't receive a gift card. Why?

Variations of drawn names are on the nice list, but check our website for the list of approved variations. Make sure your name sparkles with holiday cheer!

What if I encounter issues with my gift card code?

Reach out to our holiday helpers via email at, and they'll sort things out faster than Santa's sleigh.

Do I need to show ID to collect my free Foozies?

In the spirit of holiday cheer, we may ask for photo ID upon delivery of your free Foozies.

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